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Usage: Steel Door

Technicial Specifications:

  • Galvanized monoblock body

  • Chrome nickel plated steel mirror

  • Steel tongue with chrome nickel plated

  • HOK Type main lock with hook

  • Single HOK type patented hook for daily use with 2 turns

  • HOK Type patented steel hook mechanism with 3 turns of 15 mm thickness

  • HOK type hook resistance opening up and down against door forces

  • 2 four-shaft central safety locks

  • 4 spindle chrome nickel plated steel deadbolt

  • 2 steel bolts with 4 spindles locking 3 turns

  • Central locking from the top of the door frame

  • Central locking from the bottom of the door frame

  • 785 mm – 1100 mm adjustable central locking spindle

  • Bearing sleeve bearing

  • Precision internal mechanism

  • High Security Cylinder with 5 keys (BB.68)

  • Standart Knob Cylinder with 3 keys (MTS-68)



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