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HOKK Lock, which came to life as the first lock company of Turkey in 1946 with the attempts of Osman Küçükkatırcı, a graduate of Kayseri Aircraft Factory Apprenticeship School, and his elder brother Halim Küçükkatırcı, started its first production in Kayseri with gas furnace head, iron bolt, padlocks and mortise locks, which were needed in the period. It started in the workshop.

HOKK Lock, which has continuously improved its product variety and production technology with its own knowledge and studies despite the difficulties of the period, accelerated its development with its participation in its 2nd generation. HOKK Lock, which moved to its current production area as one of the first 3 companies to be established in the Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in 1984, has become one of the leading and immersive companies of our industry with its investments in work-specific benches in its 3500 square meter facility, which it has established on an area of 14000 square meters.

HOKK Lock, which has been developing and growing thanks to the trust and support given by its customers to its productions, which it has made with the basic principle of producing the best quality product, selling it at the lowest price, and being beneficial to the economy and people, has been developing and growing with its own equity capital since its establishment. It has turned into a factory where hundreds of people earn their livelihood directly or indirectly in the 7500 square meter facility.

Continuing to contribute to the country's industry with its youthful structure by preserving its experience with the participation of HOKK Kilit in its third generation in the 1990s and 2000s, HOKK Kilit also increased its production technologies investments day by day. Today, HOKK Kilit has become an integrated facility operating on 9000 square meters with the latest technology machines and production lines as a result of non-stop sanctions.

Increasing its R&D investments day by day, HOKK Kilit developed and registered the first hooked steel door lock, which is completely domestic design and production, in 2005. Today, HOKK Kilit has become a brand that is followed by making a difference in its sector with its products registered with industrial design, utility model and examined patent documents.

Adopting the principle of renewing itself, HOKK Kilit will continue to expand and renew its product range.

If we can be useful to our industry and people, we will be happy.

From Past to Present "HOK LOCK"

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